Monthly Food Collection

The third Sunday of each month is designated to collect food, food gift cards or money to provide assistance to the less fortunate in our local geographic area.  The current beneficiaries of this effort are: Food Connect, Frostburg Food Pantry, Georges Creek Food Pantry, and Tri-Towns Food Pantry.

Divine Mercy Representatives:

Peggy Kealy                             301-689-3376          Frostburg Food Pantry

Need a Representative (Contact Parish Office)        Tri-Towns Food Pantry

Frances Callis                           240-321-5919           Food Connect | Catholic Charities

1st Way Pregnancy Support Center

P.O. Box 83 | 310 Race Street | Cumberland, MD 21501

Office and 24/7 Helpline | 301-777-1261

1st Way Pregnancy Support Center has trained staff and offers pregnancy services. Generous donors make this possible for the clients that need it most. Donations are collected at Divine Mercy Parish the first Sunday of the month. Donation items may include: diapers, baby and maternity clothing, blankets, etc.