Welcome to Religious Education!

Welcome to Divine Mercy Religious Education!

The Religious Education program for children and youth of Divine Mercy Parish is designed to connect people of all ages to life in the Church and the joy of faith in Christ.  Through active learning, prayer and community connection, we share faith with each other to build the Kingdom of God in our world.

Our program will be tied strongly to scripture, our sacraments, and the tradition of the Catholic Church, and we hope everyone who participates in the Catechetical* Ministries of Divine Mercy will grow in relationship with and his love for each one of us. The Divine Mercy Religious Education team partners with parents to help strengthen the foundation of faith that begins and continues in the home.

We commit ourselves to the importance of Life-Long formation and strive to provide opportunities that strengthen faith in everyone—child, youth and adult.  We look forward to the year ahead and hope that each child, teen or adult who is touched by this ministry will be more aware of the Holy Spirit alive in their own hearts, more committed to their own role as a disciple of Christ, and more excited about sharing the joy of the Gospel to the world!

Sessions are held at the Education Center on the first floor of St. Joseph’s Church in Midland, MD, because of its central location to our entire Parish Community.  Another family-based option is available for those who live closer to St. Ann in Grantsville for families with children in grades K through 5.

For more information on our programs for children and youth, see the information at the links on the page or contact us.  We looking forward to sharing faith with you!

Angela Pishko  – angela.pishko@archbalt.org

Coordinator of Religious Education for Children and Youth

Margie Meyers – margaret.meyers@archbalt.org

Director of Mission

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Religious Education Packet 2018-2019 

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*The word catechetical is the adjective for the word “catechesis” which comes from the Greek, meaning “to echo the teaching” meaning that catechesis or the teaching of the faith is an interactive process in which the Word of God re-sounds between and among the proclaimer, the one receiving the message, and the Holy Spirit! Catechesis is a life-long process of initial conversion, formation, education, and on-going conversion. Through word, worship, service and community, it seeks to lead all God’s people to an ever-deepening relationship with God who reveals himself in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Catechesis takes many forms and includes the initiation of adults, youth and children as well as the intentional and systematic effort to enable all to grow in faith and discipleship.  (Catholic News Agency)