About Jennifer Dunn Jones ECC

PreSchool and PreKindergarten Programs

The Early Childhood Center provides an opportunity for your child to develop Spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically within the loving and nurturing environment of our Catholic school structure.

Students in our early childhood courses are introduced at a very early age to a myriad of experiences designed to develop the whole child. In PreSchool, name recognition, matching, and identifying colors and shapes prepare our youngest students for a lifetime of successful learning. Outdoor play, following directions, and sharing are keys for social and academic growth.

PreKindergarten students begin counting, letter and number recognition, and simple addition and subtraction, combined with art projects, computer lab and library visits, outdoor activities, dramatic play and field trips connect with your child’s individual talents, interests, and abilities. Basic Christian values of respect for self, peers, and adults, love of learning, and sharing with others are constantly taught throughout each school day.

Parents are given many opportunities throughout the school to learn and grow with your child. Meaningful parent involvement provides a bridge between the home and school and aids in the successful development of social and cognitive development of each individual child.

Make the commitment to your child’s future to consider the Jennifer Dunn Jones Early Childhood Center. For a complete information package, call us at 301-689-2155, or Bishop Walsh School at 301-724-5360.